Babies require more supplies then a large army

We are about to enter into "baby land" and our lives will never be the same. Despite my newfound love for all things stroller related....the ridiclious amount of bottles (BPA free), diapers, burping cloths, clothes, wipes, toys, etc, etc, etc is quite surprising. I'm not sure if it will be nicer to trip over piles of Kyles clothes on the floor or baby supplies? I have a feeling his clothes wont even make a dent and we'll be swimming in all things baby.

If we're going to be surrounded by them, it is kind of nice that all these baby items are just so darn cute. Check out Sophie the teething Giraffe...

and this cute little carrot, also for teething

...oh that's just the beginning. I could post millions of pictures on here. I found a website for Giggle which has stores in NYC and major cities and have already started a registry (I couldn't help myself). The Land of Nod is Crate&Barrels version of a baby store and Pottery Barn Kids also has lots of furniture options for cribs and changing tables.

I'll admit, I'm actually kind of terrified of Babies R Us. I went into a one a few months ago, just to check it out and was completely overwhelmed. There's is just. so. much. stuff! Granted, it was a Saturday afternoon and prime time for baby shopping. But there were screaming babies and pregnant ladies everywhere and you could barely move even though the store was the size of a warehouse. I'll give it another shot, but it's going to take a lot to win me over.

Any suggestions?


  1. that's awesome you're such an informed consumer! i'm totally with you..the idea of organic/all-natural baby toys -free of dyes, paints, plastics, etc.- its about time people started thinking about that stuff. also, Babies R Us seems like it'd be the Walmart of baby stores..i dont blame you for avoiding it.

  2. i was just reading the latest issue of InStyle and it has the "Best of the Web", complete with with a kids section! so if you haven't already discovered these websites (giggle.com was on there!):

    babygeared.com, bel-bambini.com, fawnandforest.com, kangarooboo.com, kidonyc.com, monkeyhousetous.com,oompa.com, rompstore.com, spunkysprout.com

    and blogs, too! coochicoos.com, kenziepoo.blogspot.com



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