Screw the shoes...I'm moving on to strollers

I've found myself significantly less interested in normal items to buy when I go shopping (i.e shoes, bags, clothes) and have become completely obsessed with strollers. Like I look at every stroller I pass and try to figure out the brand, if I like the looks of it and if I think it seems like a functional piece of equiptment. Evidently I've officially transformed from a normal woman to....a mom?

There are so many damn strollers to choose from it's a hard area to narrow down so I'm trying to absorb all I can. And let me tell you, they are an investment. We're talking $670 to $900+. Yes, there are the less expensive models out there you can buy at Target or Babies R Us for around $200, which many many people use and are very happy with. But how can I put my baby in a flimsy piece of plastic when I can have an ergonomic marvel of baby engineering? It really isn't about how they look to me (ok, maybe a little), it's that some of these new strollers really are significantly more efficient and easier to use. They are lightweight, fold up with one hand (essential when holding a baby), are "systems" that detach from the base of the stroller and convert to a car seat, a bassinet, or even a baby rocker so you never have to wake a sleeping baby to transfer them from one to the other. They have all terrain, re-inforced rubber wheels that wont go flat, are adjustable for the height of a man or woman and have washable interiors made from organic cotton. And that's just the start of the list. I could go on and on. Some seats even swivle so you can pull it right up to a restaurant table. That seems pretty convenient to me.

So, what are these models? Right now the UPPABaby Vista is at the top of my list (and luckily one of the less expensive models when compared to the others). The UPPABaby is the image shown at the top of this post. But there is also the Orbit

 the Bugaboo (check out their demo video...it's pretty funny)

the Stokke and the so many more...

The real kicker is how am I supposed to anticipate what this little baby will like to do...sit in the stroller all the time, be squirmy and want out, learn to walk early and never need it??? And then what about the jogging strollers and the lightweight, easy to travel with strollers? Do I have to buy ALL THREE?

I've heard there is a pretty high re-sale value on these models, so that helps a little. Many google searches for reveiws have been helpful, too, and the UPPAbaby is still at the top of my list - for a mere $670. If you don't hear from me for awhile it either means I am hard at work trying to test drive these strollers in the boutique baby shops here in Charleston...or I've decided to screw it and blow my money on shoes again. At least I know I'll wear those.


  1. marisa, now this is what i called a BLOG! lovin it. i liked the modern, simplistic look of the Stokke model. very swiss. i can see you being a very active mom, so def go for the jogging one. folding is essential for packing and storage purposes. lightweight is an important feature too..but thats also what kyle is there for, to carry your shite. also, don't worry about the swivle, high chair one. besides, baby's at restaurants are kind of annoying :) jk.

  2. dude...lets make you some cahs and sell some advertising space to the stroller companies!!!



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