New Baby Pics!

16 weeks today!! and almost half-way there! We had a doctors appt on Friday and ended up having an ultrasound again. No idea why they scheduled me for one, but we'll take it! 

The baby is definitley growing and looks so much more like a real human now. Our next ultrasound is scheduled for November 9th and that's the "big one" when we'll find out if mini mac is a boy or girl. By the way, if you're reading this and would like to attend the big event, please RSVP to Kyle. He's extended an open invitation to everyone we know to come watch the ultrasound :)

Here are some of the new baby pics:

In the first picture the little alien looks radioactive, but those are just its little ribs and spine. It was wiggling around as we watched it on the monitor and its seems very healthy and active. I still think it's a boy...but we'll see!


  1. damnit i wish i could go to the ultrasound. thats such a cute idea inviting everyone. will there be champagne?

  2. i sort of like the champagne and ultrasound idea too...er applejuice for mommy :) too bad you're so far away!! my thoughts will of course be with you though!!

  3. thanks, ladies, wish you both could be there! To be honest, I don't think anyone is allowed to come at all but Kyle is all about it. That would be nice though - campaign and ultrasounds! xoxo

  4. just realized that should read champagne....



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