Yoga with Kids, belly shots...and Red!

I had the pleasure of helping my friend, Caryn, out last Saturday with her new yoga business called Yoga Benefits. She is working with the Charleston County School System to bring yoga into the schools for 1st and 2nd graders. She set up a booth at Shinefest (a local music festival here) and we had LOTS of little visitors all day. I was really impressed with how limber they were and how many poses they could do. The Post & Courier also took the most adorable photo of Caryn teaching a little boy. To see it click here . She also offers corporate yoga and will bring the yoga class to you...contact me for details if you are interested.

Red and I were hanging out as I was working this morning and I tried to get him to smile, but this is all he'd give me. Think we are going on a haunted hayride out at Boone Hall Plantation later tonight which should be interesting....Oh, and here are a few more belly shots. Just for you, Joisan!!


  1. okay - when you find out the sex, I want some pics of you with your face! Where's mama marisa?

  2. i want to rub that baby belly!!!!



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