Have car, will travel

It's overcast and cool here today and I'm so glad its fall. Makes me want to drive up to the mountains to see the foliage. I'm actually feeling a serious need to get out of town and might just have to take a road trip or something this weekend. I don't think I've left Charleston since June??!!! and I'm itching for a change of scenery. Seriously, June?? Who am I?

On the baby front, still havent felt any kicks or big movements, but definitely some fluttering. Headachs are INTENSE sometimes and Tylenol really doesn't seem to help at all. Anyone have any other recommendations about how to help them go away? Tequila is not an option...

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  1. give it a few weeks and the color will be out in full force up here. on second thought...chris and ashley are coming here next weekend and staying with me. you should hop a ride! theres a fun (free) festival downtown on saturday too...galactic, dubconcious, and several others! keep it in mind. :)



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