Baby name nightmare

Here's a new thing for me to have anxiety over...baby names. I actually woke up at about 3am this morning in a panic because I'd dreamed we'd just had the baby and were in the hospital but completely forgot to think of a name! I remember thinking (in the dream) "holy crap, how did we forget to thnk of a name?" and then feeling overwhelmed about trying to think of one...fast! I woke up before we named the baby, but today feel like I need to run to the store to buy a baby name book. 

Overall, i have no idea what we'll name mini-mac. I have a running list going, but no real front runners yet....well, maybe one or two. I'll keep you posted :)

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  1. hah! that is stressful. im sure it was just overall anxiety, and less about the actual baby names. ps: i have a whole list of baby names that i have accumulated over the years. let me know if you want to have a looksie. they're mostly all "unisex" names, my favorite kind.



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