18 weeks and almost halfway there....

As of yesterday, I'm now 18 weeks pregnant. Holy hell, how did that happen? Belly is growing and i've almost completely grown out of my jeans now. I bought a bunch of leggings last week, but I'm having trouble finding shirts long enough to wear with them and overall don't feel all that comfortable walking around in them. Anyone have any suggestions?

I also had a doctors appt yesterday and they finally had the flu shot back in stock. I ended up getting both the regular flu and the H1N1 shot in the same day (one in each shoulder) AND also had blood drawn from insider my right elbow for genetic screening. BIG MISTAKE. Now I can't lift my arms at all and the inside of my elbow is bruised and bloody. Heroine chic from the early 90's and pregnant do not mix. I'll try to take some more belly pics tomorrow....


  1. scary flu shots, ew.

    regarding the fashion dilemma...look for tunics. they're very in now..its basically just a longer tshirt or sweater, hits low on the hips or just below the butt so as to cover the leggins. target, i believe, once again will come through for you here. good luck!

  2. Try Thera M on Daniel Island...She has some cute long (leggings accommodating) t-shirts, tank tops and cardigans (short and long sleeved) AND she always has really good sales.

  3. Starryeyez is Kelly btw.....damn thing made me use my old ass aim name.



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