food poisioning and babies do not mix

ugh, it's been a long week. I either ended up with food poisioning or some kind of crazy flu/48 hour bug on Sunday night and now (Wednesday) am just starting to feel better, though still not great. I was running a fever and am pretty concerned about whether it may have had any effects on the baby. I called my doctor and they told me I was far enough along (15 weeks) so most of the major developmental stages have happened and it is likely fine. I have a doctors appt tomorrow and am realy anxious to have a check up and to put my mind to rest. 

On a much brighter note, I did get to hangout with Reece on Saturday while her mom was away.
  We went to the farmers market downtown where she walked around in her little crocks and then conked out in the car on the way home. We had such a good time she even cried when I left!


  1. eek! scary. im glad you're ok. can't wait to see you sunday..i hope.

  2. take care of yourself little mommy!!!



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