Belly Band Success!

I would like to kiss whomever invented Belly Bands right about now. They are genius. I finally found a Be by Belly Band at Target today (they'd been out of the S/M size for weeks, lots of pregnant ladies in Mt. P!) and have it on right now. I had my jeans on earlier today without the band and I though I could manage for a few hours, but had to keep unbuttoning them every time I sat down. Thankfully I remembered to button them up when I stood up, but it was a close call a few times. 

I'm hoping to get at least another six weeks or so out of my jeans before I have to buy the maternity version, and I'm crossing my fingers this Belly Band thing comes thorugh. Otherwise it's stretch pants all winter for me...


  1. haha whenever i'm at target i always find cool, hip maternity stuff accidently mixed in with the women's/junior's clearance racks. best store ever. are you going to get designer mom jeans?! nice. ps..someone seriously needs to open an upscale maternity consignment store in charleston. hint, hint..you and kel ;)

  2. i have no freakin' idea what a belly band is, but i'm happy you found it :) I think your friend Erin's idea is a great one. You should totally open an upscale maternity consignment shop. When you get your energy back ;)

    maybe you should go eat some nutella and think about it...



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